Safety Policy

Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) is our top priority and integral part of our business. Towards this objective we shall,

  1. Develop SHE Management Policies and Work Practices for implementation at all our workplaces.
  2. Fully abide by the Ministry of Interior Safety & Security Directives, Individual client project policies and other applicable government regulations.
  3. Conduct employee awareness programs and ensure that they are committed to SHE management.
  4. Make line managers, officers, site supervisors and technicians accountable for SHE management.
  5. Encourage everyone to identify hazards, assess risks and eliminate potential threats.
  6. Ensure that all our employees are familiar with the SHE rules of the work sites.
  7. Ensure employees are provided with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)at the work site.
  8. Conduct periodic site inspection to ensure safety at the work place.
  9. Conducting weekly and Daily Safety meetings to ensure all employees aware of site and work related hazards.