Civil Works

We here at Umar Al Jubail General Cont. Est. We are dealing Civil Maintenance Services with Flowing Division

  1. Construction Works
  2. Excavation Works
  3. Preparing Trenches
  4. Foundation Works
  5. Parking Area Works
  6. Asphalt Works

Construction Works

In Construction Works division we are specialized in Specialized Industrial Construction, Infrastructure and Heavy Construction Works, Institutional and Commercial Building, Residential Building & Etc.

Excavation Works

In Construction Works division we are specialized in common excavation works, soil ecavation works, rock excavation works, channel excavation works, dredging works & Etc..

Preparing Trenches

We are also experts in preparing or creating Trenches for Civil Engineered and Mechanical Engineered Pipe Line Projects.

Foundation Works

We are specialized in Basement foundation, Typical footing and stem wall construction, Drilled shaft concrete piers and grade beam, Slab on grade with a turned-down edge, Permanent wood foundations and Etc.

Parking Area Works

We specialize in preparing or constructing parking lot for industrial, commercial and residential properties, from parking lot overlays to road resurfacing for an entire subdivision.

Asphalt Works

We also specialized in Asphalt works like Porous Asphalt, Perpetual Pavement Asphalt, Quiet Pavement Asphalt, Warm-Mix Asphalt, Thin Overlays Asphalt and etc.